I am working on a redesign for our site at drcarney.com and am hoping to use the Charm template, otherwise I may try to use another Helix Ultimate template. But, I am so close to having the Charm template workable for me. :-)

Here is the issue. I need to display better (longer and more descriptive) menu headings that what I currently have and I want them to all on one line. I am thinking that with the Charm template I could do this except that the logo area is too wide. And the menu area is not wide enough. I may also need to remove some padding between the menu items.

I am attaching a mock up of how the Charm template looks now with the proper Menu headings (the menu wraps to another line)

I am also attaching a photoshop mockup of how I would like the logo and menu items to look.

Can you tell me how much work it is and how I might be able to achieve what I am looking for?

Thank you, Sean Carney

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