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Hi folks,
My question is about having Easysocial be the central place to manage their profiles as well as the info they need to manage in other components.

I am using JReviews, Membership Pro, Easy Social and CMLiveDeal (CMLD) to create a Deals and Reviews sites that also fosters a trusted community (over time). I will have regular users and business users and each will have two or more sub-groups.

How can I have it that users manage all of their info (created in these other components) via EasySocial. In other words can EasySocial be the one place they manage their profiles (even though they may have signed up using Membership Pro) and have access to the information they own from other components e.g. JReviews listings/reviews, CMLD deals, Membership pro subscription plans, newsletter opt-ins etc.?

Please let me know.


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