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Can EasyDiscuss Behave more like a Forum?

There is a distinct difference between a help desk and a forum. Since EasyDiscuss is marketed as a forum it would be fantastic if it could be molded to behave more like one instead of a help desk. Short of butchering up the language file I am not seeing any other way to give it the appearance of a forum? Even if it could be morphed into more of a discussion board as it's name suggests would be helpful!

For example, posting a thread to a topic requires the person to click a button titled "or Ask a Question" when it should read more like "Make a Post" or something. More critical is when you are viewing your post the filters say things like "Unresolved, Resolved, Unanswered, Unread". Where the last two are OK but for a forum there is no need to have Unresolved or Resolved be part of the filter.

So has any thought been done or discussion on going to give EasyDiscuss more flexibility regarding this? maybe there already is and I am just missing it but I am running a social website experiment with it that has the potential to have twenty thousand plus users and if it cant I need to either revert back to using Kunena or preferably find something more robust.

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