Hi there,

I'm looking into having a go at developing a few plugins/apps for EasySocial based on some useful functionality we'd like on our site. It'll be great as a learning experience for me personally too with getting to grips with Joomla development. I'm hoping though you could maybe point me in a general direction as I'm a bit vague on where I should begin with what I'd like to try out:

- Article plugins to let editors insert single ES items (eg. a video, a link, a file element) into an article as an embedded item. From looking at some of RegularLabs' plugins I'm going on the idea of a popup modal to a list of items, and then a special modal view of the relevant ES view (e.g. Videos) that returns the required value into a tag. Then a plugin that reads said tag and pulls in the required ES item. Does that sound feasible?

- I also want to try building in a little integration with our Zoom account, which has an API for creating/deleting meetings. Ideally I'd like to set up a tick box (so custom field, I'm thinking) on ES events, that when ticked and the event saved creates a Zoom scheduled meeting via the API and stores the Zoom meeting ID in the site database, which is then used to load in info like the meeting room link, and also will delete the Zoom meeting if the ES event is deleted. I'm wondering if I need to build a number of plugins for this - a custom field for the Events app and then plugins to handle the event creation/deletion.

I'm just looking to see if I'm thinking vaguely along the right lines or if these would be impossible within the boundaries of how the EasySocial API is set up...

Many thanks

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