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I want to report this:

In Easy Social, in a discussion, it is possible to change the title of conversation


This is not bad in what produces: it gives possibility to create a "group discussion" without creating effectively a group discuss; useful for example if you are working on a project with a user and want to highlight that conversation. **

But it is a mistake conceptually: it should be not possible to change a discussion with only a person. **

This doesn't happen in ConverseKit (in which only group discussion name can be modified).

** in this regard: what do you think of creating "tag" or "label" for discussion?

Figure you are working on a project with your colleague, and want to know that the conversation is for the project "Message Development System"; when you finish the project, you want to delete that tag.

or, simply, it would be useful to give the possibility of creating a "group discussion" with only two participants.

Good work

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