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Bug Bounty Incentive

Good afternoon SI Team.

I am simply writing to propose the possibility of creating a bug bounty system here in the forum. Although I think most people who find a bug will go ahead and report them, it would be nice for us Die Hard SI users/fans to be rewarded for spending the time to find, report, test, the bugs that we do find.

I would propose these options if this is to be considered:
- A monthly giveaway (SI Shirt, Product Subscription, App from the App Store)
- Extra Votes in the Feature Request Section
- Vote on which Feature Request goes to the top of the list (within reason)
- Exchange monthly giveaway for Custom Dev (giveaway value = custom value)

Anyways, these are just some ideas.

You have done it in the past with major releases where you would give the top reporters (with confirmed bugs) a reward. It was always fun and I think (from my perspective) it pushed people to get their hands dirty and find bugs. It probably also yielded a pretty stable release because of the amount of bugs that were reported prior to stable.

Regardless, thank you for all the hard work.


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