This is not an urgent issue. Doesn't have to be addressed over the weekend.

I have broken links to my blog posts in search results. Can you help me with the configuration so that my search results are correct?

As an example when I search for an article titled "Task Management" and click on the link in the search results it tries to take me here:


However, this is a broken link. "Stories" is the main menu item and "personal development" is a submenu of "Stories"

The link to the article is actually:


"Personal Development" is a category in easyblog. I don't have a top level "stories" category set up. I tried to set one up but that didn't seem to correct the problem.

I'm not sure if my categories/subcategories in easyblog need to correspond to my menu/submenu items or what?

I hope to get my menus, easyblog, and sh404SEF configured appropriately before adding much more content.


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