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Hello guys,

I would like to share my opinions on some things.

When I suggested one of my writers to fill her ES profile on the site, she told me something like that "I dont know. Facebook seems more useful to everyone ." I interpreted this as "Is such a feature really necessary for us?". This made me think. Of course there is facebook and in this networking thing, big fish always eats small fishes. One company gets 99% of the share and others compete for 1%. However, I believe there is still chance to grow a community inside our site.

EasySocial now looks like facebook. One way, it is good, people know how to use facebook and they will feel easy to use ES as well. But other way, ES doesnt seem unique. (If it is copy of FB, why to use copy intead of original one?) FB features are great, but uniqueness should also be something that we should look for, I think. This uniqueness can be created even with colors, layouts, language, etc to some extent.

I believe that ES developers should consider this and maybe try to do something different that nobody does.

What do you think?

Best regards,


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