Hello everybody :)

I would like to know if you also think that the urls of the EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss applications, which are integrated with the EasySocial Groups, should be much more coherents.

At present, when a question is asked or an article is written from an EasySocial Group, the urls are :
Group : https://domain.com/easysocial/groups/groupA
Post EasyDiscuss : https://domain.com/easydiscuss/postA
Article EasyBlog : https://domain.com/easyblog/articleA

There is no mention of the original Group in the urls.

The user is then confused. Because he left EasySocial and the Group in which he was.
And especially for Google, it's totally incomprehensible. For him, this article and this question have no connection with the original group. This has a very bad impact on SEO.

If the hierarchy were respected, the links would have the following structure :
Group : https://domain.com/easysocial/groups/groupA
Post EasyDiscuss : https://domain.com/easysocial/groups/groupA/apps/discuss/item/postA
Article EasyBlog : https://domain.com/easysocial/groups/groupA/apps/blog/item/articleA

I resumed the structure of the native applications of EasySocial Groups.
But ideally I think the structure of these urls should be simplified and be for example :

I sincerely hope that the next updates will offer that.
That seems fundamental.

And you, what do you think about that ?
Thank you.


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