i discovered this "thing" recently with a friend of me (Marketer), it increase users and visitors trust in your website, its name is userproof, a kind of popup widget that how every few seconds other users action in the website (XX people are visiting this page, John DOE is just registred to this website, just purchased XX).

Please visit their website for a live demo and check the screenshots bellow.

I BELIEVE that a similar plugin or app here will boost websites notoriety and activities, i am sure that it will be number ONE joomla top seller extension. It can be a general extension for joomla to show general activities (X people see this page).

But the most interested guys is a widget to show all SI extensions activities :
Examples :

  • John Doe just joined the community,
  • Mark repplied to John discussion
    XX commented photo YY
    Peper created new discussion

The idea is to show recent activities in last 60mn for example, every few seconds.
You already made a similar widget for comments !! here a screenshot from SI blog official.

We need to show ES stream activities in this widget !!!

dont know what do you think about this idea !!?
I am very excited for this one !

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