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Average rating counts only last comment

Ronny Weidner · ·
8:00 PM Monday, 30 July 2018
Hi, I'm trying to use Komento as a testimonials page, only allowing guests to comment and using the average rating to 'show off' :)
For some reason the overall rating shown on the comments page only counts the last comment.
I think its the same bug like this guy had: https://stackideas.com/forums/don-t-know-is-it-s-a-bug-but
Support said this will be fixed in next release but unfortunatly it doesnt seem like it is.

First I thought Komento doesn't count ratings if they're from the same IP Adress, so I commented with my smartphone but that didn't work.
I think I fixed it by editing the comments.php model file, but I dont think this will last long because it might get overwritten by updates, right?
I commented out parts of the sql query in the comments model php -> Komento seems to give every comment a user id in the database in 'created_by' but since its all guests everyone has ID 0 so it only shows the last rating (created date). I checked this by changing one of the comments created_by value to a different number.
The page I'm testing this right now: http://neu.küchenprofis.de/erfahrungsberichte
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