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Hi there,

Just a quick question - most likely just to confirm what I'm seeing - is the new autoloading functionality in EB 5.2 limited to the single post and frontpage views, or should it also be possible to configure it on views such as the grid layout, single category, magazine, etc? As far as I can see the Pagination options are only available on the single and frontpage menu views so I just wanted to check if this was indeed the case, and also if there are any plans to extend this to the other menu views?

As an aside, are there any extra considerations with the frontpage/single post views in terms of template overrides with autoscrolling enabled or should a template override work as normal without the needs for any further modifications? I don't have an issue with this but if the autoscrolling isn't possible on the grid layout view I will likely look to switch our main layouts to frontpage to take advantage of this and will probably need to make some template overrides to suit.

Many thanks in advance

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