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We love EasyBlog and its robust features. However, one area it's unfortunately behind the curve as it relates to having an auto-generated table of contents which can drastically help with long-form blog posts.
I know this feature has been suggested over the past several years. However, with the refactoring of EasyBlog 6.x, I, and I'm sure countless others, would love to see a Table of Contents integrated and revisited.
This can help with SEO, including improving the user experience for navigating in the blog, and taking further advantage of passage ranking changes.

What we would need this to look like:
- Auto generated table of contents based solely off of Headings (H2-H6) within the blog article itself. Note that this can and should ignore any other headings present on the page that are outside of the scope of the post.
- Automatically linked table of contents (e.g. it would create anchors that automatically link to the appropriate headings).
- Allow this to be enabled or disabled on a per blog basis (within SEO tab preferably).
- This needs to be designed mobile first

Extra features that would be nice/wish list:
- Have the ability to set which headings (globally) to show up in the table of contents, e.g. some websites may only want to show H2's in the table of contents.
- If H2, H3's are included in the table of contents, show hierarchy either with indenting or color to differentiate the levels
- Allow the table of contents to scroll with you on the sidebar (for desktop only; mobile would be static) - example https://www.semrush.com/blog/how-to-choose-long-tail-keywords/
- Highlight which section of the table contents you are present on - see https://ahrefs.com/blog/relevant-content/ and https://www.ninjaone.com/blog/nas-vs-server-which-should-i-use/ as examples

We would certainly be willing to beta test the feature on our end and provide feedback as needed.
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