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Auto Update Feed from Blog Posts?

Mike Grohowski · ·
5:22 PM Wednesday, 13 November 2013
Do you know if a plugin, module or extension like the following exists for EasyBlog...

It would take the posts that I do and put them in a feed... and automatically update the feed.... on my site... and perhaps even ding or make a sound when a new post is up. We put out stock trades via easyblog... and would be cool if a person can have the page up where we have this module on... and every time we post something - the feed would automatically update and show the post and perhaps even make a sound. We were going to go the chat room route but there is too much noise ie. people yapping and distracting others... or the SMS cell phone route but that can be pricey and perhaps too much for a person to keep getting dinged on their phone.... this module would be a better choice. I would guess it would be done through ajax... where every time a post is done... the module is notified somehow... or the module checks for a new post every 10 seconds or whatever... and then displays it.... not sure.... would be awesome if it was already done by someone - anyone know if it has? Doesn't seem like it would be all that difficult to code if if you knew AJAX and the workings of EasyBlog.

This idea may be a good alternative to having to do an app as another idea I had was going the App route... with push forwarding but App's are a pain to get on the apple or google store... especially with Apple and not wanting to do the in-app purchase for our site memberships... and can be pricey to get coded too... having it on the browser through a responsive site... a person minimizes the page when they are doing other things and when they hear a unique sound they can open the browser and look...

Anyways - any ideas? The main goal or end result is to get our content to people without them having to do much work... where they can see or get notified in real time of a new post without much (if any delay) and for the info to be in front of them as real time as possible. Our site is a paid membership content site and we put 1 to 10 time sensitive posts intraday.
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