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Another API Key Upgrade Problem

Matt · ·
10:00 AM Wednesday, 05 September 2018
When I go to upgrade the Komento component in my Joomla site, I get:

Installation via the Network Recommended

Because the package size is large (Approximately 8MB), it is recommended install using this method. This would ensure that the installation scripts would not time out during the installation process.

By installing over the network, files will be transmitted over the internet. Downloaded packages will be extracted and installed on your Joomla™ site.
Your API Key Retrieving your API key

When I click on the Retrieving your API key link, it leads to a Page Not Found error. When I try to proceed without entering the API key, it gives me: "Sorry, but the API key that you have provided does not have a valid subscription. Please try again, or if you still have technical difficulties, please contact our support team."

When I tried updating from the standard Joomla extensions update page, I get:


Update path does not exist.


I see several others have posted this problem on your site, but a solution is never given -- it always seems to end with you requesting backend access, and then the thread ends. Do you have a solution yet that does not involve you having to log into my back end?

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