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Announcement for all translators

We have noticed quite a number of posts that are posted on our forums or support board were created by translators and 90% of the time, it's not due to a bug but conflict with your commercial / client's side.

This is unfortunately costing us money and time where we will no longer be able to sustain with your questions and posts.

We value your contributions as a translator and we will still continue to grant you free subscriptions for the product that you are translating. Unfortunately this license will NOT grant you access to our support.

Should you require professional support from us, please consider purchasing a new license to support the team.

I should also note that there are some translators who have abused our trust by selling our extensions on some hidden market place as well.

Such actions are against our terms of use and not only would your subscriptions would be revoked, but your account would be suspended for good.

Let's keep a healthy eco-system here guys and Thank you for understanding.
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Rest assured that we will get back to your posts as soon as the week starts!

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