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Sorry I posted this in the wrong place:

Well where do I begin ...
I have been working with Joomla components for nearly 10 years (I started using stackideas back in 2009 or 10?). I have found your support absolutely faultless! In fact, I cannot think of ANY other company who provides anything close to the service you guys do. When I think too, that most of the problems I encounter don't come from the products themselves, but instead, from me messing things up, other components messing things up, or just that I haven't understood or knew what I was doing.
I have also rarely experienced such a quality product in terms of how well thought out things are, from the smallest of detail to the major changes you introduce. If a company wants to know how to be successful (with products, services and customer service) then there is no better model than your company. Additionally, I think your forums are a key part of support, some other providers are trying to use artificial intelligence type support systems (sadly acymailing) and it doesn't work for me at all. Having the ability to see other people's questions and answers is invaluable. For a start, it opens up new ideas that I may never have considered (and to stackideas as I expect out of some of the crazy questions you see some good ideas for features etc.), secondly, it can often take the pressure off the support team as we find some of the answers ourselves, and thirdly, its nice to have that human touch and be part of a thriving community!
In terms of community, I spent a number of years with Jomsocial, at the time, their software was the best out there, but was lacking on so many levels, and their support was absolutely dreadful and very often abrupt - even rude. I know they changed a little later on, but for me the damage was already done. Lucky (for me) stackideas brought out easysocial and I have never looked back - it goes from strength to strength!

To wrap up. Brilliant Products, Services, Team and a true visionary (and wonderful person) at the helm.

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