Hi lovely folks,

My name's Yann Anderson, a DJ located in Switzerland, and one of your customer since several years.

I just want to take some minutes of my time to tell you what I think about your products. I use from several years your components:

- Easysocial
- Easydiscuss
- Easyblog
- Komento

It's amazing the possible level of customization: all you want / all you need can be setting up via the backend. ALL. The backend is very well, easy to understand, especially for users who dont have a high level of acknowledge (like me). And I really appreciate it.

It's the best support I saw in my life. You answer very fast, even if the ticket priority is set to "low". Today, one guy of your team took several hours to find my issue, and this issue was in fact a probleme related to my webhosting. Not from you. And this is a point that I appreciate: you dont loose your customer before to find the issue. And you explain very well what was the issue after you find it.

Once again, impossible to find better layout / CSS design on the market, BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST! Everything is fully responsive, never anything to change, all of your modules and components are displayed perfectly.

This is one of my favourite points: when you change something on Easyblog, using Komento (this is just an example, but several examples are possibles), it change on the stream of Easysocial. Your components are like "brothers and sisters" (sorry for my bad english) but when you make some changes somewhere, it update the rest of the others components. Automatically. ES stream can be updated even if the post allready exist on this stream, that's really great.

Don't think I'm reach because I live in Switzerland :p That's wrong, here in Switzerland, everythings is very expensive. But your prices are very low, if I compare quality vs. price, it's very low. And I can see, via Facebook, that sometime you have special offers SEVERAL TIME BY YEARS, with coupon reduction. I dont need to really wait for one of this coupon, but sometimes, my subscriptions expire 2 or 3 weeks before a coupon and I have pleasure to pay a little bit less. But if i need to wait 3 months, I pay the full price, because it's important for me to stay updated, but of cours, this is a personnal choice ;)

So, as you can see, I'm a FULLY happy customer from a long time, and that will never change. In fact, if one day I visit your country, I think I have any other choice to invite all your team at restaurant to eat something (I just hope you are less than 100 person, otherwise, Mastercard will kill me haha)

So, lovely team, I wish you the best for your futur, and I enjoy to stay one of your fans <3 <3 <3

Congratulations to Mark Lee and the rest of the team, YOU ARE MAGIC !!!

Yann Anderson

(PS: attached picture to show you some Stackideas shortcuts on my backend, so you will understand how much I'm fan hahaha)

AND IF SOME OF YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT TO TAKE A LOOK TO MY SITE --> http://www.yannanderson.com/net
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