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Personally I do not like the fact that users can upload images for blog posts to several folders including deleting files and creating new folders. My achievement was to have only one folder where all users can upload to and select images from. Since EasyBlog already offers a "shared folder" the easiest way was to make this folder default and hide all other folders. If you like this idea just follow my guide to achieve this.

At first we need to hide the "create folder" and "delete file" buttons by CSS. So add the following to your custom.css:

#eb .can-delete.has-selections .eb-nmm-actionbar .btn-nmm-delete {
display: none;
#eb .can-create-folder .eb-nmm-actionbar .btn-nmm-new-folder {
display: none;

Now we need to make the "shared folder" the default one when opening the media manager inside the composer. Therefor open /components/com_easyblog/themes/wireframe/composer/toolbar/default.php and on line 99 you will find this:

<button type="button" class="btn eb-comp-toolbar__nav-btn" data-eb-composer-media data-uri="post">

and change it to:

<button type="button" class="btn eb-comp-toolbar__nav-btn" data-eb-composer-media data-uri="shared">

Finally we need to hide the folder selection in the media manager. Therefor add this to your custom.css:

#eb .is-places-open .eb-nmm .eb-nmm-places {
display: none;
#eb .is-places-open .eb-nmm {
padding-left: 0px;

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