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Adding number of comments in a list of articles


I would like to show the comment count of joomla articles in the category-module next to each articles.
Like :
subcategory 1A
-->article 1 (# of comments)
-->article 2 (# of comments)
subcategory 1B
-->article 1 (# of comments)
-->article 2 (# of comments)

And I found from another thread a solution to show the comment count for an article with :

require_once( JPATH_ROOT . '/components/com_komento/helpers/helper.php' );

$model = Komento::getModel( 'Comments' );
echo $model->getCount( 'com_xxxx', $id );

Could you give me hints on how to integrate this to the "mod_articles_category" please?

Also, I cannot find any helpers directory in com_komento?

Kind regards,

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