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ACL for Forthcoming Groups and Roles

marco deluca · ·
3:05 AM Sunday, 10 November 2013
Okay... hello developers. Here's a question that you may not know the answer to yet:)

For the forthcoming release of GROUPS in easysocial, do you know how you intend to use Joomla's ACL for this? I'm asking because I need to figure out if/how I can integrate your group functions with several of our custom-built components.

I need to know if/how your group functions are going to give users the ability to manage roles (nested groups within a group). We need to be able to create groups that have ACL roles within that group. So for example, one user would create a group:

- Administrator
-- Manager
--- Registered Member

And then another user would create:

- Admin
-- Manager
--- Member

and so on. If easysocial groups does that natively, then you've saved me a LOT of time and effort. If not, we want to continue using easysocial but we're going to have to find some sort of non-hack method of allowing greater ACL control within groups.

And again, I realize its tough to talk about a feature that does not exist yet, but I do appreciate any insight you can provide.
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