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404 instead of 403 returned

Currently setting up EasyDiscuss on a site and we have a single category (for now) which is restricted to users in a certain user group to view, however when an email notification goes out and I click on the link to view the discussion, if I'm not already logged into the site then I get a 404 (Page Not Found) error rather than a 403 (access restricted) error.

This means that rather than being redirected to the login page (after which I'm taken back to the discussion page) I'm just told Page Not Found.

If I login first, then click on the email link, I can access the discussion fine. We have many other pages on the site which are restricted to that user group and if anyone tries to access them whilst not logged in with the proper permissions they are asked to login first, however EasyDiscuss doesn't seem to do this.

Is there a way to control this and is it done in the component's ACL or do I need to set up a menu item?

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