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3.9.15054 - file not found

n00bster · ·
1:15 AM Friday, 15 November 2013
i uninstalled old version and reinstalled new one, after that i get in the frontend (google chrome console) this error:

GET http://xyz.com/media/com_easyblog/scripts/responsive.js?version=3915054 404 (Not Found) jquery.js:2314
$.script: Unable to load
$.script.Script {url: "http://xyz.com/media/com_easyblog/scripts/responsive.js?version=3915054", type: "text/javascript", async: false, timeout: 10000, retry: 3…}
Require: Batch 1 failed.
$.require.Batch {id: 1, tasks: Array[1], options: Object, autoFinalizeDuration: 300, finalized: true…}

my workaround for now, copy "responsive.js" file from "media/com_easyblog/scripts/layouts/" path to "media/com_easyblog/scripts/" path :p
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