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2 major questions

Hi , there are two things i wish I could change in easysocial immediately.

1. I want to make it so that the "description" setting in all easysocial sections (such as videos, audios etc) will support

when we try to add a space between a content. I don't know why this is currently stripped out, it makes no sense to me. This can be replicated by pressing "enter" when writing a description for an easysocial video.

2. I would really like it if we had the option to have our "photos" work in the same way as videos. For example 1 photo with an sef link, description, and comment/ like/unlinke section. I don't love the "albums" layout. I have been trying to move from the dead hwdmediashare towards easysocial , but this hinders my progress. Any suggestions on this?

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