ZooTemplate Released Another Awesome Templates!

ZooTemplate Released Another Awesome Templates!

One, Two, Three!

ZooTemplate released not one, but two awesome Joomla templates that will surely changes the feel and looks of your site. Let's check them out one at a time. :)

ZT One

Zt One is a clean and minimal Joomla template that will give the sense of serenity to your site. It simplifies the grid interface (Metro UI, anyone?), making your site look simple yet professional.







You can see how ZT One utilized the grid UI and delivers the information in a simple form. ZT One is responsive and was built on the ZO2 Framework. The framework comes with a Drag & Drop Layout Builder, which means that you do not need to go through the jungle of codes just to modify the looks of ZT One. It's just drag and drop. :)

ZT One also integrates with FontAwesome, which is a very awesome news to the designers out there. Not only that, ZT One also supports EasyBlog.


 This is EasyBlog's main page on ZT One...



... and this is the content page of EasyBlog on ZT One. As you can see, EasyBlog sits perfectly that you don't even know that it's actually a component. :) You can get more info on ZT One via it's official page here or, if you wish to purchase ZT One, register with ZooTemplate here.


ZT Two

The sister template for ZT One, ZT Two is a template dedicated to graphic artists that wishes to have their portfolio to be share online.




ZT Two has a more traditional layout to it, yet it gives out a robust and professional feel to your site. Just like ZT One, ZT Two was built on ZO2 Framework and supports the famous Drag & Drop Layout Builder. Fully responsive, ZT Two features massive up-to-date component and plugin such as ZT Twitter, ZT Portfolio, ZT Testimonial and... wait for it..... EasyBlog!


That's how EasyBlog would, by default, looks on ZT Two. Let's check out entry page :



Isn't that a beauty? :)

Apart from that, ZT One and ZT Two also has short codes and HTML5 & CSS3 Animations. I'd suggest for you guys to check out ZooTemplate and take advantage of the coupon code that they shared in our Partner's page. Of course, the coupon code is only available to our active license holders so if you want to have awesome blogging site that uses Joomla, jump in the wagon and get EasyBlog + ZT One or ZT Two. Trust me, it's worth it! :)



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I like this template as it will help me to complete my project, which is not running in a successful way. Thanks for letting us know about the template. This superiorpapers is providing some tips by which the students may learn about the issue.

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