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We guarantee you money back within 30 days.

We guarantee you money back within 30 days.

I have to admit it. My online purchases are motivated by the level of trust I have on that particular website. The product may be cheaper than other websites are selling but on looking deeper and I don't see a 'Money Back Guarantee' and off I go to another Google search.

Why I love those 3 words is because it gives me a sense of security whenever I buy anything online. To be a smart consumer is no rocket science. Products or services made available for sale online originates from humans. And as humans, mistakes and imperfection prevails.

I may end up getting a lemon instead of that cool shiny bag for my iPad 2!! What I am trying to say here is we all love some sort of protection whenever our money is parted away from us, an assurance that our money is worth its while..

Here in StackIdeas, we could never thank enough to our customers for trusting us. To keep that trust, and perhaps affirm it, we are now putting peace of mind in your purchase - a 30-Day money back guarantee.

Whether you buy our Joomla blogging component EasyBlog or SectionEx, we honor you with the 30-day policy, as enshrined in our Refund Policy page. If there is some way that our component is not up to your requirement within this 30 days, you are entitled of your money back, no questions asked.

Of course, it is our greatest endeavor to assist you in any aspect of our products to make them work for you. We thrive when we have happy customers who buy from us.

And if all else fails, we are happy to return your money. :)


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