Upgrade Your Commenting System To Komento 2

Upgrade Your Commenting System To Komento 2

While working on EasyBlog 5, few of our developers tried to tinker with Komento's code just to ensure the that both EasyBlog 5 and Komento works. After quite some time, the team have decided to enhanced Komento altogether; the result is something which is stunning. 

Komento 2 is now available for you to download. Those who are holding a valid Komento license can immediately upgrade to Komento 2 by downloading it from their dashboard. It's totally revamped, with new interfaces and superb new features. Here's the list of the cool features that awaits :

Introducing Wireframe For Komento

Our designers were given the tasks to give a new look and feel to Komento. Our main idea is to provide a simple-yet-stunning interface to ensure that users feel comfortable in both sharing their comment and reading the comments presented on the article. This gives birth to a new template for Komento; and we name it 'Wireframe'. Check out some of the screenshots for this template :


What do you think? :)

EasyBlog 5 Ready

Komento 2 was build to ensure the fine integration with EasyBlog 5. We want to ensure that our component works the best in providing rich blogging experience, which is why the Komento team and the EasyBlog team works side-by-side to determine both are tuned up. The results? Komento 2 now works very well with EasyBlog 5 RC 1.

More Integrations

The developers enhanced the integration by tweaking the codes and add more integration options. Komento 2 now integrates with TZ Portfolio, JB Lance and Joom Profile; the latter being an avatar integration. Integration's setting is as easy as a flick of a switch, so you won't be facing any complications during the setup. Quick and easy, that's what we're aiming for.

Revamped And Enhanced Backend

The backend setting for Komento 2 is totally revamped. We have ensured that the design is synchronized with EasyBlog so that you won't get the feel that you're using a different component. You will be amazed at how different Komento 2's backend is. Click on the image to view the full size :


Neat, huh? :)


Komento 2 is now mobile-ready; both on backend and frontend. All menus in the backend settings are tailored to ensure that you are able to set and moderate comments on your site via your mobile.


Get Komento 2 by downloading it from your dashboard. Should you hold an expired license and would like to renew, please scroll down and grab that surprise that waits. :)

Get Komento Renew Komento

Happy Birthday Mark!

Our lead developer, Mark Lee, celebrated his xxth birthday on the 4th of Jun 2015. The team welcomed him to the office with a surprise; the whole team sneaked up behind him near our car park and wished him right there, in the open. :)

He motivated us to push ourselves so that we can improve ourselves, and personally I believe that he really do commit himself to both building the team and building the components. The team truly wish for him a good year ahead. Oh, and he actually made me promise not to put his age in this blog post. To share the happiness, we've decided to, again, extend the 20% discount code from Memorial Day. In case you've missed it, the coupon code is :


The coupon code is valid on all purchases, from renewals up to upgrades. Seeing that Komento 2 is available while EasyBlog is coming to the dashboard soon, I'd personally suggest for you to renew your licenses or purchase our Professional Bundle.  What better way to prepare your site for EasyBlog 5 other than Komento 2 and a 20% discount on all purchases?

Last but not least...

Happy Birthday Mark

....happy birthday Mark, from the Stack Ideas team! :)


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  1. Jackson

Happy Birthday Mark :D

  1. Mark    Jackson

Thank you Jackson :)

  1. Josh Lewis

Awesome work Stacked team! I'm going to miss the old smilies of Komento vs the new ones. ;) I know it's a minor detail, however the ones currently used here are quite expressive. :D

As for Mark, Happy birthday. :)

  1. Ahmad Justin    Josh Lewis

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the smiley, Josh. Yup, it's quite expressive and I like this one, too. :D


Happy Birthday Mark, thank you very much for all the support and creativity you bring us =)

  1. Mark    Juan Wayri Ccahuana Giraud

Thank you Juan! Appreciate it very much!

  1. Esmond GH

Change the name from Komento to EasyComment.

  1. Josh Lewis    Esmond GH

EasyComment is a decent name. However Komento is pretty classy and fun. :)

  1. Ahmad Justin    Esmond GH

That's actually a good idea, Esmond! Will forward that one to the team. :D

  1. guest


most important is it supporting ReCaptcha Google v 2.0 ?

Hope that is included in all your components too...

  1. Ahmad Justin    guest


Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, Komento 2 supports ReCaptcha Google v 2.0, along with EasyBlog & EasySocial. :)

  1. Josh Lewis    Ahmad Justin

That is great news! :) While it's a small addition, this is a very important one.

  1. Loupida

Happy birthday Mark. And, i like your joomla extensions :D

  1. Mark    Loupida

Thank you Loupida! Appreciate it very much. I am in the midst of working on EasySocial 1.4 and 2.0 and do stay tune to our blog for more updates (pretty soon!) .

I am pretty sure you guys would love the updates for EasySocial 1.4!

  1. Sunny

Happy Birthday mark, wishing you all the health and happiness.
Have an awesome day!

  1. Mark    Sunny

Thank you very much Sunny and apologies for the delay as I am extremely occupied with the development of EasySocial 1.4 :(

  1. thomas

The issue is still there regarding the server cpu usage. If it was not there I would have used komento, I already installled Komento 2.0 but the same instant my CPU usage skyrocketed and I was forced to uninstall it.

  1. Mark    thomas


I believe I have already responded to you before and if you are reluctant to provide us with the access, there's no way for us to debug this. We have thousands of sites running on Komento without any issues. If you can't provide us access, we are actually left blinded :(

  1. Paul Murray

Great news.
Do not even use Komento much and thought twice about upgrading recently ;-)
Thus it is nice to see that it also gets a make over :-)
Have to ask Is it Joomla 2.5 compatible?
And yes I am moving to 3.x ASAP ;-)

belated Happy Birthday Mark

  Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Paul Murray Paul Murray
  1. Mark    Paul Murray

Thanks Paul! Yep, it works on both 2.x and 3.x :)

  1. user23

Happy Birthday Mark!
The long-awaited update. Excellent.

  1. Mark    user23

Thank you user23 :) Stay tune to our blog about EasySocial 1.4 and 2.0! It's going to be revolutionary!

  1. user23    Mark

We do everything to be with you. :)
It is waiting.

  1. user23


  Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by user23 user23
  1. HMED

Happy Birthday Mark! wich you all the health and happiness.
Hope you dont forgot easydiscuss also :D

  1. Mark    HMED

Thank you Jan! Nope, we will not forget EasyDiscuss!

  1. Ningning Niumai

Happy Birthday, Mark. Have a wonderful year ahead :)

Keep coding and shipping! :)

  1. Mark    Ningning Niumai

Thank you Ningning!

  1. David Montoya

Ah,I'm late; happy birthday!

  1. Mark    David Montoya

Thanks David! Appreciate it very much!

  1. Stay in Bed Media

It's seem cool ;) But i've upgraded and got a blank page both frontend and backend.. ;(

  1. Mark    Stay in Bed Media

Can you post your issue on our forums and we'll look into this?

  1. Justin

Happy birthday Mark!

  1. Mark

Thank you Justin :)

  1. LAC Webadmin

Is Komento 2.0 still compatible with J2.5?

  1. The killer

are you blind or didn't you read previous posts??

"Mark In reply to: Paul Murray about 3 days ago

Thanks Paul! Yep, it works on both 2.x and 3.x :) "

or go to doctor and check eyes...

answer: yes!!

  1. LAC Webadmin    The killer

I'm sorry The Killer :) I did not read through each of the stream but thanks.

  1. Monthon Kooyathbenjarong

HBD Mark

  1. Mark

Thank you Monthon!

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