Updates Available For All Products

Updates Available For All Products
This isn't a progress update of EasySocial 2.1 yet but we have some quick maintenance update across all of our Joomla extensions. These releases has some minor features added and addresses mostly minor bug fixes, while some critical issues reported in EasySocial.

Upgrade Steps

Updating to the latest version should be pretty easy and straightforward as there are two ways to update:

  • Head over to your dashboard to get hold of these updates and install it just like how you have initially installed the extension. Rest assured that your data will remain intact.

  • Or you could hit the Update button at the back-end of each extensions respectively and proceed with the upgrade process. Do take note that it is important to follow the steps through.

EasyArticles Beta Released 

In case you guys missed the forums, we also pushed out the first beta release of EasyArticles and it is now available for download. 

We are now a step closer to release the stable version, and all these are made possible because of our awesome supporters and test reports from you guys! :) 

What's Next?

The developers are now burning the midnight oil preparing for the upcoming major release for EasySocial 2.1 and at the same time looking into the stable release of EasyArticles as well. Progress updates for EasySocial 2.1 will be added on our blog shortly as promised by Mark.

Should you require any assistance with upgrading any of our extensions, feel free to get in touch with us on our helpdesk and our support team will be more than happy to assist you.


Comments (9)

  1. Domko


be when more detailed information to ES 2.1 available?


  1. Mark    Domko

The post will be available soon

  1. Matthew Pate

An updates or any planned improvements for converse kit would also be most welcome

  1. Mark    Matthew Pate

The team is currently focusing on EasySocial 2.1 right now and progress for ConverseKit will be shared soon

  1. joy

sadly no roadmap or something like that. And the annoucment for 2.1 as blog is long told.

  1. Mark    joy

I did mention that the progress update for EasySocial 2.1 will be available this week We did try to use a road map earlier but it just wouldn't work. Instead, we prefer to spend more time working on the code and deliver what is best to our customers.

  1. Philippe

In the presentation of your product EasyArticles, you have removed the "Guided Tour" feature.
I found it very interesting. What happened ?

  Comment was last edited about 1 year ago by Philippe Philippe
  1. Mark    Philippe

We have pushed this to the next release as there are still some teething glitches which we aren't happy including into the first release.

  1. Philippe

Ok thanks

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