EasyArticles Alpha Released

EasyArticles Alpha Released

We are super excited to inform you that the long wait is finally over, presenting you the very first alpha release of EasyArticles.

For those who are not sure of what EasyArticles is, you can refer to this introductory blog posted by Mark previously. Alternatively, you can also refer to my previous blog post as most of the features were already mentioned there, as we would like to keep this post as brief as possible. 

Bug Reports 

As always, we strongly do not recommend installing the Alpha release on a live site but on a staging or development site instead. For all bug reports, do utilize our forums so our devs and support guys are aware of them and will get those fixed as soon as possible.


We are still accepting pre-orders now for the next 3 days. This will be your final chance to get a copy at such an affordable price. Act fast, because those prices won't stay the same for long.

It Does Not End Here

This release will be the first of EasyArticles, more goodies will be added in as we progress and improve on every release. Happy testing! :)

Note: Downloads are only made available for pre-orders and all active bundle subscribers.


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Will it be possible to insert Social Networks Auto Posting with (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) google+, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest too?

Like Joomla people complain about comparing to Wordpress etc Why there is no integrated auto social post in Joomla like Wordpress?

Comment was last edited about 4 years ago by Stan Chomer Stan Chomer

There are auto postings for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter out of the box

You can also copy and paste links from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and their embed media would also appear in the editor.

Is Easyblog has auto post to Facebook, Twitter and other like EasyArticles or not? so I can consider which component are fix my needing..

Both EasyBlog and EasyArticles has auto postings to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Looks fantastic Mark. Congratulations to you and the whole StackIdeas Team. I purchased the pre-release alpha today. and I look forward to testing EasyArticles and providing feedback.

Comment was last edited about 4 years ago by Randall McCallum Randall McCallum

Thanks for your continuous support Randall!

I am getting: Sorry, but you need a valid subscription in order to access the beta releases.

I'm not allowed?


It looks like your account isn't associated with any EasyArticles license Jackson. Am I missing anything here?

It's alright Mark, one of your staff answered it. Apparently, when you announced FREE for those who have subscription to plans meaning Bundled Plans. My subscription is way before you guys introduced plans.

Ah yes. Hm, in the post, they are all mentioned as bundle. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough about that, sorry my bad.

I just purchased it!


I have always longed for a plugin/component that will notify all my subscribers of new articles on my joomla site.
This is splendid. I am already being tempted to plug it into my production website. Many thanks to the entire StackIdeas team.

Thanks for your feedback Alexandre! We hope to bring more goodies in EasyArticles in the near future

Looks very interesting. Sorry if I missed it in any of the blogs, but does EasyArticles support Joomla's article Custom Fields?

Aha found my answer... https://stackideas.com/blog/easyarticles-community-preview#comment-8598

It's a YES. Great - I'm going to go grab my copy of EasyArticles now and help with the testing!

Yep, we integrate most of the main functionality from Joomla articles except for the ones that we find unnecessary for your authors.

For instance, having a cover for intro and full text is really just too much for authors to process

Hi, It seems there is something with the pricing of this product.
From the website: EasyArticles Professional Edition € 43,99 Jaarlijks (yearly)
Eerste jaar € 52,97 (first year).

Is this correct? And is this the early-bird price?
Regards, Peter

Yes, this is correct. The first year is $59 and subsequent renewals are only at $49. When the pre-order ends, the price of EasyArticles will be at $79.

Hi Mark, and what will be the normal renewal price?

Regards, Peter

Hey Peter,

It will be 20% off the retail price for 12 months of support & updates

Comment was last edited about 4 years ago by Mark Mark

Would there an importer to import all existing joomla articles into EA?

You don't really need an importer for Joomla articles because EasyArticles stores / edits from Joomla articles and that is the beauty of it

the Blog about new Easysocial isn't there yet. I would wish to see a roadmap like jomsocial. What kind of functions will be placed in the new version. Is this possible?

A blog post will be available soon

is there a way to display the articles like the Stackideas Blog? Becaus yet on ma page -as example, they're jsut listed and it seems ugly :/

EasyArticles doesn't manipulate the output of the articles on the site. The design of these article listings are dependent on your Joomla template

I'm looking forward to hearing from EasySocial 2.1
This week ?

Time will tell

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