ThemeXpert Switched to EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss

ThemeXpert Switched to EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss

You have heard good things about how our extensions work spectacularly well for others. Read more and learn what made ThemeXpert make the switch to us in this blog.


ThemeXpert is a Joomla template provider and has been our partner for some time now. We've spoken to Parvez Akther, owner of ThemeXpert and managed to catch-up with him for a short interview. Below are the conversations that we had:

1. Why were our products chosen?

We've been partners with Stackideas since the beginning, but that doesn't influence us to choose EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss. Before choosing EasyBlog as a blogging platform, we were using K2. K2 is excellent and it also has flexible CCK, but when it comes to blogging, nothing can beat EasyBlog. It makes our bloggers' lives easier and smoother than before. EasyBlog also has different types of blog posts, social media integrations, and better User Interface is what attracted us the most. We used phpBB as a forum system before switching to EasyDiscuss. PhpBB is a traditional support system and we really want to replace it with a question & answer based system like Stack Overflow. The bad side of traditional forum is, the original answer can easily be overlapped by other posts. So we choose EasyDiscuss and we are really happy with it.

2. What were the changes that you experienced after using our products?

After using EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss, the main changes are in our workflow. They make our lives easier and smoother. Support is the key for any company that offers product. EasyDiscuss reduces our workload and helps us give faster support than before. EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss both load amazingly fast, so we've never worried about their performance.

3. What are the key advantages of using our products?

All Stackideas products are crafted with care and prorated. I really like the User Interface of EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss. I'd really love to see moderate improvement in EasyDiscuss' statistics. Also integration with Joomla article and K2. So when someone posts any question it will automatically check from there.

4. What makes this product unique, compared to other extensions?

As I mentioned above, EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss are still the best in the market. I can remember, some people tried some blogging extensions before, but nobody can come up with the solution like EasyBlog can offer. It's basically a modern Wordpress for Joomla!. EasyDiscuss has the best implementation of Stack overflow till date. More of it, your support rocks and I'm really satisfied!

We would like to thank Parvez for his kind words and time taken for the interview. Below is how EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss appear in ThemeXpert:






 parvez-akther.jpgParvez Akther, Owner of ThemeXpert.


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