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The latest EasySocial 1.3.12 is available

The latest EasySocial 1.3.12 is available

I would like to inform you guys that the EasySocial 1.3.12 is available from your dashboard. We have some minor bug fixes and added some other features in 'Events'. Check out these minor (but super cool!) added features only available in EasySocial 1.3.12

Recurring Event

We have added the option to allow users to create a recurring event. With this option, you can set so that your Event is either daily, monthly or yearly. Within each setting there's a context-setting.



The context-setting is based on the recurring's time choice : 



We've also added the calendar option for each recurring event's setting : 



Recurring event's setting is a custom field for Events which you must set from your backend. The setting can be found under Event > Category > Category's name > Custom field. 

Permission to Create Event in Group

We've also added the option to limit who can create events in groups. Just like recurring event, this option is a custom field and must be set from the backend before it can be used in the front end. 



With this setting available, group admins can easily limit the users that are allowed to create event in their respective group, making groups in EasySocial much more easier to manage. 

Other stuffs

Apart from these two options, we've also ensured that the Kunena plugin to generate notifications when users replied to a thread. You can check more info on EasySocial 1.3.12 via our changelog. It's worth to mention that our awesome change log is generated by ChangelogHQ; the service made our live much, much more easier. 

All of these cool functions mentioned is only available in EasySocial 1.3.12 so it would be best if you upgrade your EasySocial via either your backend or by downloading it from your dashboard. For those who have an inactive license, do upgrade your EasySocial so that you're not missing out on these cool options. I'm pretty sure that your users would love to have these functions. :) 

We welcome any thoughts and comments. Enjoy EasySocial 1.3.12!!


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Oooo... didn't realise you'd squeezed recurring events into this version. Awesome. I'll go take a look.

Shock horror... you only mention "Daily, Monthly and Yearly" above... I do hope that "Weekly" is there too... most of my events happen weekly!

Congrats though guys... what you manage to squeeze into a 'minor release' other people call 'massive major releases'

@Andy, I removed "weekly" in the final revision because it is essentially the same as "daily" with 1 day checked.

Understood and agreed. Maybe just change the 'Daily' option text to 'Daily / Weekly' so it's clear weekly events are possible.

Sooo cool to have different time choices and for many options in future EasySocial with triggers and actions (reminders) !


how you stop this spammers from commenting in Komento? Akismet seems not to working on previous post.

Hi ssnobben,

I'd suggest for you to use recaptcha instead. You can enable it from Komento's backend setting. Should you need assistance, do drop us a ticket or two via our Official Komento Forum.

Looking forward to ES 1.3.13! I very much appreciate the bells and whistles added in this release.

ES 1.3.13 is now released. Don't forget to blog about it, a lot of changes in this one.

I see that none of the items in version 1.4 on the roadmap show that they are started. I know that giving dates out about when a version is expected is next to impossible. With that being said, can you say what year and season it may become available? Like Spring of 2015? I have a client that is impatiently waiting on the video feature in version 1.4.

Why nothing has been started yet for 1.4? Are you focusing on some other products at this time or is easysocial development on hold for some reason?

EasyBlog5 is the current focus at the moment.

I love this extension but the worst thing about it, It takes longer time in Installation

Long time with installation? Seems to take about a minute or so to go through all the upgrade steps which ain't too bad.

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