The available module positions in EasyBlog

The available module positions in EasyBlog

You started blogging with EasyBlog and you want to display your latest posts, categories or even latest replies from your visitors. How do you do that? Or, more importantly, where do you want to place it? We have modules that are free to download and adapt into EasyBlog, and you can actually display them in different positions within your website.

EasyBlog has its own blog template and you may find it difficult to locate them in your Joomla. Therefore, we have compiled a guide for you to refer the different types of available module positions to display these modules.

Check out the guide for placing your EasyBlog modules here.


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  1. Fred

Thats a nice tip, I never knew that tbh

  1. Mark

No problem Fred :)

  1. Randall McCallum

With hiking season in full swing I haven't been able to frequent This site as often as I'd like. Tonight was full of wonderful surprises from the StackIdeas Team. Blogsy and available modules position features. So cool.

  1. incidencweb

Is it possible to create a sidebar left side?

  1. Muhammad Mansoor Yousaf

The module positions in documentation link is not working

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  1. Sunny this link is not longer showing module positions.

Can you please update.

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