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StackIdeas 9th Anniversary

StackIdeas 9th Anniversary

Happy 2019 and it's already 4 days into the new year. We hope everyone has an incredible 2018 and all geared up for 2019. On this very day, we would like to celebrate with you Stack Ideas 9th anniversary! 

9 years with Joomla and the Joomla community have brought us to what we are today, and it hasn't stopped us from moving forward even during tough times. 

With PayPlans 4.0, EasySocial 3.0, EasySocial mobile app are already underway and other goodies slowly brewing behind the scene. This year, more efforts and initiatives will be channeled towards elevating our products.

This morning, we had a simple potluck party in our office, and the images above show our breakfast spread. It may not be the prettiest spread, but everyone took the time to think, buy or prepare a dish, gather together and celebrate over delicious food. Something so simple, yet so meaningful. 

So, hang on tight. We will be doing our best in delivering each product to keep you and your Joomla site "busy" in a good way.

Let's do this 2019 and stay tuned. :)

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