UPDATES PayPlans 4.2.11 Released

PayPlans 4.0 Stable Released

PayPlans 4.0 Stable Released

Despite the slight delay, it brings us great joy to be announcing that PayPlans 4.0 is now live and stable. Let's go through a quick rundown of some of the cool features in this release.

Brand New User Dashboard

PayPlans 4.0 introduces a centralized area where users can easily update important billing related details on the fly. Not forgetting, since PayPlans 3.7 has already rolled out the option for EU users especially, to request for their personal data download right from the dashboard page itself as well.

Refined Administration Experience

While it could taxing for site owners to manage multiple extensions installed on their Joomla site, it's not necessary the case for PayPlans 4.0. The new makeover for PayPlans 4.0 administrative area not only gives admin a bird's eye view of the entire operation of the site, but also a unified layout across the rest of our core extensions.

What's more, it also comes with the single click updater for quick and easy upgrades in between every maintenance releases (starting from v4.0.1 onward). Now, you no longer have to be constantly searching for updates and it will be displayed on your PayPlans 4.0 backend dashboard instead.

All-inclusive Payment Gateways

A membership or subscription extension wouldn't be complete without the support of payment gateways. The team managed to do a rundown of every payment gateway included in PayPlans 4.0, sift through and then weed out all the irrelevant or more importantly obsolete payment gateways from its predecessors. 

To date, below is the complete list of all the supported payment gateways in PayPlans 4.0. If you have any other payment gateway suggestions? Get in touch with us and we will evaluate the possibility of materializing it in the future releases.

​2checkout ​Alipay ​Authorize.Net ​Authorize.Net CIM
​Bitpay ​Braintree by PayPal ​ComPay ​EBANX
​FastSpring​Mercury Processing Services​Net A/S​Offline Payment
​PayPal ​PayPal Payment Advance ​Website PayPal Pro​PayUMoney
​PayUnity ​PayU Turkey​Pay with AltaUserPoints​Pin Payments

Simplified Checkout Process 

There's a saying "time is of the essence". In PayPlans 4.0, the team managed to shave off the checkout process to not only be quick but also "foolproof" at the same time. What matters the most really boiled down to conversions, when there's a constant revenue being pumped in, the more you could expand in terms of your services.

Here's an interesting fact, do you know that a lengthy checkout process is one of the contributing
factors of abandoned carts? So, one of the ways to turn the tables in your favor is by reducing checkout process. The shorter time needed during the checkout process, the higher the chances of ensuring conversions.

Order Management

When you have over hundreds or maybe thousands of subscriptions online, it's pretty crucial to have the right tool that helps you to manage all of your subscriptions with ease. 

The order management for PayPlans 4.0 has all the basic essentials which includes editing, update subscriptions, creates invoices, keeping track of all transactions and monitor every action performed on every single order.

Automation Scripts

​The brand new automation scripts in PayPlans 4.0 or more commonly known as macros, it enables site moderators to integrate almost infinite web services almost effortlessly. 

Plan Upgrades

In PayPlans 4.0, your subscribers are now able to upgrade plans from their dashboard without any difficulty. This made switching in between upgrade-able plans possible, it's as simple as paying for the price difference of the upgraded plans.

Improved Statistics & Charts

Apart from all the other fancy features, PayPlans 4.0 also has a line-up of beautiful and well organized charts for sales, growth, renewals and upgrades. With this, admin can easily choose and draw out specific timeline and purpose from their site. For instance, specific sales generated over 2 months time or renewal rates over a span of 6-month and etc. 

Notifications Management

Another cool feature in PayPlan 4.0 is notifications, site administrators now have the ability to create custom notification alerts for events such as Status changed, Pre-expiry, Post-expiry, Post activation or even Cart Abandoned directly from the backend. 

Email Template Editor 

On top of having the ability to create custom notification alerts in PayPlans 4.0, site moderators can also modify the current email templates for all the notification alerts directly from the backend as well. 

Reintroduced Core Apps

​Assign Plan ​Profile Based Plan ​Subscription Approval ​Auto Login
​Limit Subscription ​Fixed Date Expiration ​Notification Emailer ​Skip Free Invoice Plugin
​User Detail​Parent Child​Renewal​Plan Addon
​Advance Pricing​Upgrade​ProDiscount​Plan Dynamic Modifier
Referral​PDF Invoice​Export​User Preference 
​Subscription Details​MySQL Query

The above is just some of the apps being reintroduced into the core of PayPlans 4.0. Not only it reduced redundancy but also lessen the hassle of installing all the essentials for a fully functioning membership site.

Deprecated Payment Gateways & 3rd Party Integrations

After acquiring PayPlans back in 2017, our team found out that many of these payment gateways not only they were irrelevant and to make matters worse, many of these payment gateways and apps were already unusable. In fact, most of these deprecated payment gateways and apps came from the different customization requests from ReadyBytes days. For this reason, the team has been weeding out all these payment gateways and apps before we rolled out PayPlans 3.7.

Nevertheless, there will be more payment gateways and 3rd party integration apps added in the future releases, especially when there's opportunity for our team to integrate it with. 

Deprecated Payment Gateways

​Moneybookers/Skrill PagSeguro ​Gate2Shop CCAvenue
SagePay eWAY ​CCBill ​Pay.nl
​PaySeal​DeltaPay​Merchant E-Solutions​EBS
​payline​Paxum​Bank Audi​PayEx
​PayU PL​Robokassa​WebMoney​PayPal Adaptive
​ePay​Rede​​AlertPay/Payza​​SetCom & SID
​CashEnvoy​Authorize CIM Hosted

Deprecated 3rd Party Integrations & Apps

​Drop Files  ​DocMan ​Akeeba Ticket System ​Ninjaboard
​Tienda ​​IMaqma ​Rokfeature Table ​Joomlaxi JS Profile Type
​JINC​EasyDiscuss category restriction​JUGAJnew​s
​JDownloads​Subscription start date​Content app​Used Time Monitor
​Multi Login Restriction​Default Plan

EasySocial, EasyBlog & EasyDiscuss Integration

Many ones asked us about the integration of PayPlans 4.0 with some of our core products, so here's a very brief description of what you can expect from these integrations. If your site has already EasySocial, EasyBlog or EasyDiscuss installed, setting up any of these apps are fairly straightforward. 

​EasySocial ​EasyBlog ​EasyDiscuss
​Admin can assign EasySocial profile type and points based on user subscription. Also, assign badges whenever they subscribe and activate certain plans. 

​Admin can restrict the allowed number of post submissions and user access on selected blog categories based on user subscription. Admin can assign EasyDiscuss badges whenever they subscribe to and activate certain plans.

PayPlans 3.7 Apps Store

Moving forward, we will be officially taking down the old apps store for PayPlans 3.7.x in March 2019. Currently, the apps store in PayPlans 3.7 actually stores in ReadyBytes' server. Now that PayPlans 4.0 is live and stable, the new apps will already be included in the installer package itself. Hence, ReadyBytes' server will no longer be needed. 

For this reason, you are advised to run a full backup of your site, simply to have a backup copy should anything go wrong. Worry not, any apps installed in PayPlans 3.7 will still work as it should, even after we shut down ReadyBytes' server on March 2019.

Upgrade & Installation Guide

Before you jump into your PayPlans 4.0 upgrades, it's really crucial for you to perform a full backup beforehand. While you're at it, we prepared a simple Transition Guide  and Installation Guide that will be helpful for you throughout the upgrade.

Depending on version of PayPlans was installed on your site, it's best to read up the Transition Guide before upgrading to PayPlans 4.0. Moreover, our support team will be ready to help you out should you encounter any difficulty during the upgrade/installation process.

Transition Grace Period

Apart from the Transition Guide and Installation Guide mentioned earlier, we will also be offering a 3-month "transition grace period" for anyone with an active PayPlans subscription a peace of mind - FREE upgrade service for all your licensed domains.

During this 3 months, you can leave PayPlans 4.0 upgrade to our team, for any reason you're not confident to upgrade it on your own. So, before dropping your upgrade requests here, your site should already be fully backup, so our team can start upgrading your PayPlans as soon as possible.

Thank You So Much!

Finally, we would also like to take this opportunity to appreciate every single user and tester who helped us throughout all our testings. It won't be made possible without your feedback or bug reports, so we can't thank you enough!


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One feature I would love to have with PayPlans and EasySocial is that you could create profile types with restriction to Paid levels but also that you can see a profile but not certain fields of that profile fields i f you dont have a special subscription type to see these EasySocial profile customized types...

For example you would not like the public or certain profile types to see certain profile fields if they are not subscriber of a certain paid Membership.

Hm, this would be really tricky because you actually need to selectively choose which fields to hide / show

You go to Joomla dashboard https://www.site.com/administrator/index.php?option=com_config for com_easysocial_configuration as you have now with Not set(Inherited), allowed, denied permissions like your ES example -> “Access Dashboard Area” you add a special control field for a new Easy Social “Access profile field” and then you can create certain Joomla (EasySocial) groups that could follow/allow Joomla access level permissions.

That mean you can create certain groups with permission that...

You go to Joomla dashboard https://www.site.com/administrator/index.php?option=com_config for com_easysocial_configuration as you have now with Not set(Inherited), allowed, denied permissions like your ES example -> “Access Dashboard Area” you add a special control field for a new Easy Social “Access profile field” and then you can create certain Joomla (EasySocial) groups that could follow/allow Joomla access level permissions.

That mean you can create certain groups with permission that are only allowed to see certain customized/standard fields on different created EasySocial profiles.

Hope that explains what I mean. And then you can use PayPlans to set up that in conjunction with these profiles.

Read More

Its been a long wait but looks like it was well worth it.
Well done to the team!

Thank you Marc!

Cannot see or do anything at your backend demo

Ops, sorry about that, looks like the permissions was not given to the demo group. Will get that fixed.

Mi client uses eWay so this upgrade is of no use to me until this payment gateway is re added, what a pity. Hopefully soon hey?

Hey Danny,

If you could provide us or setup a development environment from eWay, we are more than happy to re-activate the payment gateway integrations with eWay. We tried to get access from eWay and we weren't able to get a test account from them.

Does the new update include the option to modify the invoices - receipts to custom numbering or business info?


Hey Vlassis,

Currently it's not possible to modify existing invoice numbering. :(
Regarding business info , do you mean user preferences or subscription details app ?

What if we still use Jomsocial Profil Type (JSPT)? This is a useful component and having this app in PayPlan is required in our case. If we upgrade to Payplan 4.0, does it means that we can't use JSPT anymore with your component?

Hey Christian,

Unfortunately, ​Joomlaxi JS Profile Type is no longer supported in PayPlans 4.0 . After upgrading to PayPlans 4.0, Jspt integration with payplans will not work.

Was a subscriber to the old Payplans App and iam amazed how well you optimised this App. You are really professional and iam sure this is how perfect business works. Thanks! Ony a better interaction with Jreviews would be great.

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Dennis T. Dennis T.

Can you tell me if the Zoo Element plugin is still working? If not when will that be introduced? My whole site's functionality is based on that one plugin. So the upgrade is fantastic but I cannot move over until that plugin is useable. Thanks!

Hey Garrett,

Yes, Zoo Element plugin is supported in PayPlans 4 also. :)

Well done Stackideas! I was a subscriber to the old payplans and I'm glad it has found, not only a new home, but a team of professional coders. Here's to a great 2019!!!

Thank You Joel !

Congratulations to the team !

The UX is way better now and also the workflow in the admin, well done !

I am just looking for small additions to make it a perfect professional component asap.

The "StackIdeas' touch" is clearly visible and that's what makes your component stand out of the crowd...

Thank you

Thank you for the compliments Supporter and these are the exact words that we needed to hear! Thank you!

I have a customer who is interested in using PayPlan for his website, and would like to use https://squareup.com as his payment processor do you have any plans to add square as a payment plugin?

Hey Hamlin,

We did not receive any requests for integrating with Square payments but if there is an API, we'll take a look at it :)

That would be a great idea. I have used the API with Joomshop and works like a champ!

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