Sneak peeks: The Newly Enhanced EasyBlog 2.0

Sneak peeks: The Newly Enhanced EasyBlog 2.0

We are aware that many of you have been waiting for the release of EasyBlog 2.0 and are holding your wallets until this all-new version is released.

Get your copy of our powerful Joomla blog tool for less HERE.

Here we have some eye candy to get you charged up to see what's new in our Joomla! blogging component. Expect to see major enhancements and a friendlier approach for all your blogging needs.

Tagging when you need it

An auto pop-up menu will suggest the frequently used tags for you.


Stats that matter

EasyBlog's shiny new dashboard comes with simple statistics for better blog management and tracking.


Blog-centric dashboard

The little tiny things that makes your blog powerful and nifty!

Productivity with simplicity

Blogging in Joomla! is now a pleasure, probably, a walk in the park? ;)


Up-to-the-minute updating

Social sharing now made even easier, and FASTER, too!


Stacking styles

Configure and blog - EASIER with EasyBlog 2.0


Excited? Hold your horses for now. We will be announcing the actual release in a week or so. To get first hand news, sign-up for the alerts below:


Comments (5)

  1. wjhjoomla

Hi There,
Can you guys give an expected release date?


  1. Jack    wjhjoomla


We are planning to release it after the beta tests :D

  1. wjhjoomla

Does this include some kind color schemes so that user can make changes on color. I am using jomsocial2.2 and allowing to change the color to match jomsocial is really a big plus!

  1. Aman

Looks great! Can't wait to implement it :)

  1. Jack

Hey, We are running on EasyBlog 2.0 right now and a beta is available in the forum shortly :)

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