PopScrap Blogs The Easy Way

PopScrap Blogs The Easy Way

Have you noticed all these Joomla sites for the case studies are using our Joomla extensions? Yes, they are some of our happy and loyal customers that have been supporting our products for quite some time now.

For this week’s case study, we are featuring Popscrap.com. Their site was built and designed by Buchanan Web Marketing. Popscrap is using EasyBlog to blog about solutions that they develop for the scrap metal and recycling industry.




We caught up with Brett Buchanan, Senior Internet Marketing Consultant at Buchanan Web Marketing to ask him his thoughts about EasyBlog, below is our short interview with Brett:


1. Why was our product chosen?

I chose EasyBlog because I wanted a blog solution that allowed team blogging, and integrated well with the Joomla! platform. I also wanted something with a proven track record of showing prominently in search results, strong technical support, and ease of use.


2. What were the changes that you experienced after using our products?

I have seen tremendous results with online visibility (SEO). Our blogs show prominently for nationwide searches, and we see a great deal of qualified traffic from the search engines. We receive very strong inbound leads that come directly from our blog posts.


3. What are the key advantages of using our products?

I find the EasyBlog product to be very robust in terms of features, and it is very easy to use. It didn't take much to get my client up to speed on posting blogs.


4. What makes this product unique compared to other extensions?

This product is well supported, and easy to update and maintain. I haven't had any major technical issues with this product. It just works well! I highly recommend EasyBlog to those looking for a strong blog extension.

We would like to thank Brett for the time spent while answering our questions.



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Brett Buchanan

Brett Buchanan, Senior Internet Marketing Consultant at Buchanan Web Marketing.


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