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PayPlans 4.0.5 Update

PayPlans 4.0.5 Update

It's Wednesday and we would like to present with a scheduled maintenance update for PayPlans. 

Apart from the usual bug fixes already listed on our PayPlans changelog, below is a rundown of some of the important fixes included in PayPlans 4.0.5 update:

  • Issue related to token replacement in notification templates.
  • Issue related to plans order being reflected on the frontend
  • Issue related to PayPal Pro payment method.
  • Issue related to EasySocial profile type app.
  • Issue related to ZOO app.

Upgrade to PayPlans 4.0.5 

When upgrading from PayPlans 4.0.4, the most convenient method is to utilize the single click updater found on the dashboard of the backend. Alternatively, you can head over to your dashboard, download the launcher or full package installer and run the installation as you normally would. 

If you need any help with PayPlans upgrade, feel free to contact our support guys here. Happy upgrading folks! ?

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