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PayPlans 4.0.8 Released

PayPlans 4.0.8 Released

PayPlans 4.0.8 includes a couple of new minor features such as Paysite-cash payment integration, reintroduce eWAY payment gateway, AcyMailing 6.x compatibility, some bug fixes and other improvements.

Down below are just some of the new features and bug fixes for PayPlans 4.0.8:  

  • Paysite-cash payment gateway 🆕
  • Reintroduce eWAY payment gateway 🆕
  • AcyMailing 6.0 app to support AcyMailing v6.x 🆕
  • Ability to remove incomplete orders from user dashboard 🆕
  • Ability to stop the re-attempt of failed recurring payments in PayPal 🆕
  • Issue related to recurring plan amount for Skrill payment method
  • Issue related to webhook for Braintree payment method
  • Issue related to currency symbol for Stripe's pop-up checkout
  • Issue related to resetting password at user preferences
  • Issue related to cancelling subscriptions at the backend
  • Issue related to subscriptions extend type discount 

Upgrade to PayPlans 4.0.8

When upgrading from PayPlans 4.0.7, the most convenient method is to utilize the single click updater found on the dashboard of PayPlans' backend. Otherwise, you could head over to your dashboard, download the launcher package or full package installer and run the installation as you normally would.

Should you require any help with PayPlans upgrade at all, feel free to get in touch with our support guys here. Happy upgrading folks! :)


Comments (8)

  1. joy

any infos about the native App :)?

  1. ssnobben

@joy if you are a supporter of the native ES app you get info about that. https://tinyurl.com/y3tshqjf

  1. joy    ssnobben

I purchased the app, but didnt heared anything :c

  1. Mark    joy

We have added all your contacts on a list which we will get in touch personally for any updates. If you did not receive any e-mails, could you please contact us at https://stackideas.com/forums and provide us with your e-mail address ?

  1. Sylvie    joy

Hello Joy,

We'll be using your payment email address to get in touch with you, which i believe it's different from your current email address. Should you wish to update it, do let us know at our helpdesk so we could help to update to your preferred email address instead. :)

  1. joy    Sylvie

ahhh yeah thats why. I'll just write an ticket :) thanks

  1. ssnobben

Well dont worry soon you will hear from the team they for sure working hard and have a good time learning new things..:)

  1. Sylvie

Thanks ssnobben! Yup, that's correct. It was sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. Not to worry, you'll hear more update from us soon. :)

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