Novus : New Template from JoomlaBamboo

Novus : New Template from JoomlaBamboo

This blog post has been sitting in the draft for quite a while (sorry Anthony!). I hope the Joomla Bamboo team doesn't beat me up with a bamboo stick when they visit us in Malaysia. 

Jokes aside, I would like to announce Novus, the latest Joomla template from our partners; JoomlaBamboo



I took it for a ride and no words can express the feeling of having this template on your site. Novus is a fully responsive blogging theme which features powerful tools for you to blog with. Of course, when it comes to 'themes' and 'templates', one of the feature that we all would like to ask is "is it easy to customize?". Well, look no further! Novus is very, very easy to customize. It has a dynamic appearance tools that helps you to view any changes real-time. No longer will you have to click on the 'save' button after you have edited your site's template only to find out that the changes you've made doesn't go according to plan. What I am truly impress is that even with it's vanilla installation, the theme is beautifully designed. 

Slide-out drawer




This is also one of the features that actually caught my attention. Novus comes with a drawer that will pops up when the user clicks on it's holder. You can use this to your advantage and show your recent post and/or top post. 


The template was built on T3BS3 which uses Bootstrap 3 as it's core framework. This means that you can use your knowledge and skills on Bootstrap 3 to pimp out this template and design it to your likings. Not only that, the template also supports K2.

It is also worth mentioning that this template supports.......

.....wait for it

......... EasyBlog! :)

EasyBlog, as you all might have known, is the best blogging component on Joomla!. You can get more info on Easyblog here

Our Final Verdict

Writing the whole awesome features for Novus would not do justice to it. Personally, the theme is one of the themes out there that gave me a feeling of awed. I suggest for you all to check out the template or even better, get the theme for your Joomla! site. Grab it, now! 


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  1. Jannik L.

Gorgeous template, not suitable for any of my current projects, but definitely props for their hardwork. I looooove their EasyBlog integration, this is the first time I see any template actually style EasyBlog in a unique way! mad props!

  1. Ahmad Justin    Jannik L.

It's such an awesome template. I hope you get the chance to try it out on one of your projects. :D

  1. Sean Carney

Yes, I don't need that template now but am super excited about it. It almost tempts me to create a site just for that template. :-)

  1. elisan

wow. Nice Template. I think i need it

  1. Johan

Novus is a wonderful template. I have searched through many companies but not found this kind of theme.

  1. Johan

Wonderful Template

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