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New Workspace To Serve You Better

New Workspace To Serve You Better

Most of you who have been closely working with me on the forums or helpdesk may have noticed that I haven't been very active for the past 2 weeks. The reason is because I have been extremely busy with the blueprints and provisioning the works of our new workspace!

I am very happy that we finally moved out from our ancient 5-year old workspace to a brand spanking new workspace. It has been roughly about a week since we moved in and the team is already starting to adapt to the new workspace. Adapting to a new environment definitely takes time.

The new workspace is situated in heart of city, where accessibility is key and convenience is at the grasp of our fingertips. It is also significantly larger and it gives Stack Ideas family a greatly improved working environment, as well as room for continued expansion. I believe our new office will be a place of new and humble beginnings.

A lot of things took place in order for this new office to be brought to live, the blueprint is properly lay out, meticulously planned and envisioning the overall office concept and etc. With our new home, we will continuously work hard towards our goals and for our users.聽

I always believe that when we love what we do, we'll also build a product that everyone would love. As a token of appreciation to our customers for your continued support over the years, here's a 20% discount coupon code聽on all single purchases below as we celebration our move to a new office, new environment and new beginnings.

Where we are today is because of you, yes you! :)



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Thanks James!

Wouah ! It proves that Stackideas is a very promising company. Beautiful workspace !

Thank you sir!

Wells done SI team. I really appreciate all the great work that you guys do. Your new office looks cool. Keep up the amazing work. All the best Paul.

Really awesome (Y)

Haha why don't you have an account here sir!

I am lazy

Lol, nice picture In case any of you are wondering, this is the CEO of http://joomshaper.com . So if you have any complaints, go ahead and shoot him here! He is a very responsible person :))

The picture was taken almost three years back

Hahahaha, love that comment. Great to see humour!

Congratulations to ALL of YOU at STACKIDEAS. Hard work and dedication pays off, and you are a wonderful team of people that deserve HIGH FIVERS for all you do for us. The new digs look great. ENJOY. :):):):):):)

Thank you Randall! Appreciate your comments!

Congrats! It looks like a great place. You guys deserve this better and new place
Hope to visit it one day.

Thanks sir! You should take a break here in Kuala Lumpur after Brazil As soon as you arrive here in Kuala Lumpur, give me a call

Congratulations! - I wish you the very best in your new space, it looks wonderful!
Thank you for the very generous offer in celebration as well! - Looking forward to years ahead!

Thank you Edward! Without the continuous support from you guys, I doubt that we'll make it here today so thank you everyone!

Looking good. Din knew you were fan of Star Wars, can see your Darth vader with stromtroopers and Transformer too. Plenty of space for your BB8 to run around. Cheers, nicely done.

Lol, thanks bro! Tripple black awaits you here Since Joomla community is taking a break, you should too!

wonderfull, looks very promising !

Thank you so much Jan!

Nice guys nice, looks like you're on fire

Thank you so much Peter

So happy for you all! Congrats!!

Thank you so much Benoit!

Congrats ! really wonderfull.

Thank you sir!

you are always welcome mate

Congrats Guys !

The office looks spectacular !!

Thank you so much Parth!

Nice office. Easy Social is now further developed? I'm waiting for promised features like create fanpages/sites etc.)

Thanks Chris. Once EasyDiscuss 4 stable release is out, our devs will then focus on EasySocial's development.

Thanks Sylvie. So a nice office must be paid. And I would like to invest my money for new features in Easy Social To create fanepages would be a fantastic function...

Thanks chris, this is something which we are adding next Stay tune!

I can just say: "WOW" !!! It look like a five stars Hotel A better office for the BESTS Joomla's developers ! Congratulations and thank you so much to share it with us, it's a real pleasure to discover your workplace, and it's really wonderful ! It's so clean, so modern, so beautiful... Wow, my God... Really happy for you !

Best Regards my friends <3

Thank you so much Yann! We are thrilled with the new office too.

Looks very good indeed and is well deserved, i wish you every success in your new premises!

Thank you so much Richard!

Outstanding! Looks great and I am glad that your hard work seems to pay off. For your unique software and support you guys have really earned it for sure to have a work environment like that. ;)
If I ever get to Malaysia I will have to take a selfie with that AMAZING logo on the wall!

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Thank you so much Sabih. We will be glad to have you here too!

Excellent work, I hope to continue to grow. :)


Hey there,

Thank you so much, we really appreciated it.

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