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New StackIdeas website released!

New StackIdeas website released!

We are happy to announce that we rebuilt the StackIdeas.com site using the latest Joomla 2.5 version. If you had experienced some accessibility issues days ago, probably it was being upgraded. You should be able to view all pages or login to your account now.

Here are some of the highlights of our new website:

Streamlined layout for all pages

The old site contained some different layouts that had created minor confusions. This new website will have a more standardized layout throughout now. We intend to display all of the major features of our products so that you know what does our extensions do. To be frank, the features in EasyBlog seems to be in hundreds so we had to pick and show the best features that our Joomla users would want to use.

New payment gateway

If you are a regular user of our site, you might have noticed that we have moved to FastSpring to handle all online transactions for us. The previous merchant Plimus have seen better days and with this new system, we're looking to provide a better shopping experience to you.

New blog layout

Check out the new minimalist design that our blog has now. We removed all the tiny features/buttons of what may seem like clutter so that you can comfortably read our latest developments. In case you wondered, the blog you see now is powered by the latest EasyBlog 3.5 RC3. If you look deeper, we've also activated our Joomla comment extension Komento to handle all our comments in the blog now.

Improved downloads page

We've also got our hands on the Downloads page. We categorized it into two - Premium Downloads and Free Downloads. Premium Downloads lists all your paid licenses that you purchased previously, whereas, free downloads is where you download our free modules and components.

As this is a new site, some URLs have been changed and you might want to update your bookmarks for some of our important pages like:

We've been using Joomla 1.5 in our website since the beginning and we can conclude that this upgrade to Joomla 2.5 was well worth the time and effort. In Joomla 2.5, we need not install separate plugins to handle certain functions and this advantage makes our site load faster. Kudos to the Joomla! Core Team for a well built content management system! We had fun doing the upgrade!

If you have any issues accessing this new site, feel free to leave a comment in the comments area (powered by Komento!) below.


For this new site, we want to share our happiness to you with a discount on a new packaged product we created -- Social Professional Bundle. This new bundle contains the Professional versions of our Joomla blog component EasyBlog, the versatile discussion extension EasyDiscuss and the latest comment extension Komento!

This Bundle is great for you to start a thriving online community that is user-centric and yet easy to use in managing multiple user profiles, blogs, and social interactions. Truly the best package to start a bustling community!

The Social Professional Bundle already saves you 15% and for a limited time, we are topping up another 10% for a total of 25% of savings when you buy this Bundle from now till June 17th, 2012 at 2359 hours (GMT+0).

Coupon code: SUPGRADE


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Love the new look. I noticed that your new website appears to be responsive (mostly). Can you comment on this? Also, will you be tweaking the CSS in EasyDiscuss to make it responsive. There does not seem to be to much to do to achieve this. EasyBlog 3.5 and Komento both work well with responsive templates.

Yep Rene, we're still experimenting some stuff with the responsive layout but just like many others, we're still fiddling around with some ideas.

By the way, we're also working on the forums layout right now. Do expect something new and fresh really soon!

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Love the new site. Very clean and easy to follow.

One bug to take a look at in the demos of different templates is that when I switch pages it always seems to reset to Atomic. Needs to be sticky to the template I've seleted.

Thanks Danny Will keep an eye on those demo sites. We're also working on a new demo section currently.


I like your commenting system, sorry is commercial

Hi Beautiful,

Komento is free to download, however you have to register with us before you can downloading it and we offer better options and priority support for Premium plan.

Check out the pricing plan here.

Hope this will help, please advice

Is EasyDiscuss here a newer version than what is currently released to the public?

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