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New Look For Our EasySocial Apps Store

New Look For Our EasySocial Apps Store

​We have recently updated our EasySocial Application Directory Page. Don't you think our designers did an amazing job so far? The old EasySocial applications directory looked old school, disorganized, overly cluttered and aesthetically unappealing. More importantly, the page needed a new makeover, pronto!

While working on EasyArticles, our designers somehow managed to spare some time on this and executed it very well. Yup, more updates on EasyArticles will be out on our blog pretty soon, so bear with us. Coming back to the new apps directory page, it's now looking organized, clean and uniformed across all pages on our site.

If you haven't already check out the new and updated apps store, you could do so by hitting the button below. In fact, we are offering up to $20 off on all apps bundle products only for a limited time. The prices displayed are already discounted, so you won't need a coupon code for this.

Happy Eid from Stack Ideas

On behalf of Stack Ideas, we would also like to wish a very happy Eid to all our Muslim friends. This weekend concludes the end of Ramadan for our Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide, and the celebration of Eid Al-Fitr.

Being in Malaysia, a country of the majority Muslim faith, Eid is observed as a national holiday. A little fun fact for you, Malaysia is multiethnic and multicultural nation, where we are spoiled with different holidays and festivals all year round. And every celebrations or festivals are usually accompanied with delicious and unique meals altogether. 

Seeing that half of the team will be traveling back to their respective families; as for the rest of us will have some time off visiting our Muslim friends throughout this celebration too. For this reason, our technical support will be limited from June 26th to June 27th, 2017 and we will resume on June 28th, 2017. Your kind understanding and patience are much appreciated. :)

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