New killer features in Komento!

New killer features in Komento!

After more than 2 weeks of the Komento stable release, we are happy to announce two more goodies of what this Joomla comment extension will bring you next.

1. Improved category selection


We've improved the category selection feature by adding in more flexible options. Existing users will need to reconfigure this settings if Komento is not loading properly on articles.

2. Attachments


This new feature will probably be the first amongst the other popular Joomla comment extensions that you see in the market. Your visitors can now do more to beef up their comments with Komento in your Joomla articles.

You can now attach files with Komento!

Do take note that existing users will need to manually configure this by going to: Integration -> Attachment


ACL (new attachment related rules)

Kindly take note that existing users of Komento will have to manually enable this attachment feature when you upgrade to this version.


Each attachment has its own preset icons that makes the attached files look more pleasant.


If you'd like to view the Komento changelog, its at

Download it for free now.


Comments (15)

  1. Richard Bankert

Excited about the attachment improvements. Looks pretty sweet.

  1. Mark

Thanks Richard :)

  1. PJ

Great features! Again with great control. Looking forward to it.

  1. wat

waiting to migrate with jomcomment.

  1. wat

Try to attach file but cannot. It's show this

  1. Jason Rey    wat

Hi Wat,

Did you try the attachment feature here @ our blog? From the screenshot it looks like the CSS is missing from our blog and that was due to some cache issues on our site. We've cleared our cache and the attachment feature is now working properly.

  1. wat    Jason Rey

Yes, I try to attach file here.

  1. wat    Jason Rey

Yes, I try to attach file here.

  1. Mark

Wat, can you please submit a ticket or perhaps post in the forums? We'll check on this :)

  1. Randall McCallum

Excellent. I just noticed the attachment dialog comes up below the icon above for Joomcomment. Dialog should be on top of other content in object ordering.

  1. Jason Rey    Randall McCallum

Hi Randall,

Could you elaborate more on this?

  1. Kirill

I try to attach file here.

  1. Jonnathan

I'm the developer of sliComments, and I must admit that this component is absolutely fantastic ;) . Great work.

  1. Jewei    Jonnathan

Hi Jonnathan. Thanks for the kind complement. I personally like sliComments too :D

  1. Dyan Joy

Thanks fr the info

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