More enhancements in Komento

More enhancements in Komento

Your preferred comment extension for Joomla just got better! We are happy to announce 2 more exciting developments of Komento.

Firstly, as a developer that builds easy-to-use Joomla extensions, we have powered up Komento to also work in Joomla 1.5! We realized the hype on Joomla 2.5 hasn't really settled in yet for most Joomla users when Komento was first released for Joomla 2.5 only. While many have dropped support for Joomla 1.5, well, we're still supporting it instead!

Therefore, we just enhanced Komento to now work in all Joomla versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5.

Secondly, we built two modules that users will greatly benefit:

  1. Recent comments
  2. Recent activities

Both modules works in similar ways. The only difference is recent activities will show all latest comments, replies and likes. When you want to display new updates in your articles and blogs, these modules get it done for you. Download them at our Downloads page for free.

Why Komento?

If you are thinking of switching to a better Joomla comments system, Komento saves you a lot of time. You can move your old comments into Komento in minutes with a special built-in migrator tool.

If you have more questions, kindly leave your comments below this blog.

Komento is free to use. You can also subscribe to our technical support at affordable prices.

(You will need to register an account with us first)


Comments (17)

  1. Mr. D

Modules not possible to select class suffix.

And another problem: instead of the latest comments on my site only shows the first comments. Probably for the same reason the module Recent activities does not show any activity...

This I did - to bring to your attention. But in general, thank you ;)

  1. Jason Rey    Mr. D

Hi Mr. D,

Could you try upgrading Komento to the latest version and see if the modules are picking up the comments correctly? The module is actually relying on the core component's library and there was some bug in the library previously which was fixed in this release.

  1. nike mike    Mr. D

thanks for the discussion here. showbox video not available

  1. nike mike    Mr. D

thank you all for your wonderful contribution.
showbox video not available

  1. Ryan C

Hey guys.. Komento doesn't play nice with Rocktheme's Mission Control administrator template.

You'll notice that the tabs (Workflow, Antispam, Layout and Notifications) aren't there.


  1. Jason Rey    Ryan C

Hi Ryan,

Perhaps you can try upgrading mission control theme to the latest version? We have some customer using Mission Control theme as well and the tabs are showing as usual.

  1. Ryan C    Jason Rey

I have both Joomla and MC's latest version. I only run into this for Komento so switching to bluestork is no biggy. Just wanted to let you guys know.

  1. Al    Jason Rey

I thought it just wasn't working because it was in beta stage. It does not work with Mission Control. I'll post in forum.

  1. Mark    Al

Sure, we'll reply you there :D

  1. Krx    Ryan C

Hi Ryan
I've noticed that their Mission Control admin template doesn't play well with many other components and it also tends to clog database with tons of log entries.
It also have option to exclude some components from it, but id doesn't always work which ends with destroyed specific component layout.
After spending some time by trying to sort it out, I gave up and uninstalled it completely. Uninstall leaves some modules/plugins active so those needs to be uninstalled manually too.

  1. wat

where can I demo komento?

  1. Jason Rey    wat

Hi Wat,

Komento is completely free. Just follow the link posted in the blog post to download Komento :)

  1. shikinoheiankyo

I've tested Komento with Flexicontent (v.2.0 RC5). It worked well, except a bug.
The link back to the Flexicontent's item in the user's comments list didn't point to this item URL (in my case, index.php?option=com_flexicontent&view=item&cid=19&id=24) but to the original Joomla article URL (index.php?view=item&cid=19:joomla&id=24:joomla) and I've got Error 500 (page doesn't exist).
For some reason, Flexicontent's redirection mechanism didn't work.

  1. Mark


Can you please submit this in the forums instead? We'll try to check this for you on your site :)

  1. Carlos

Impossible to register. I have tried to register in your site like 100 times and always have the message "invalid captcha..." and a yellow table full of errors.

  1. wat

Now I use jomcomment with jreview,hwdvideoshare,easyblog 2.0. and joomla1.5. Can I migrate all of comment to Komento?

Is this Komento?

  1. nike mike

I'm using Jomcomment. I will switch to Komento

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