Limited Support this Lunar New Year

Limited Support this Lunar New Year


The whole Team will be away from tomorrow Thursday, January 30th, 2014 till Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year, which is also known as Lunar New Year. It will be one of the major public holidays in the country that we observe.

To know what is this Lunar New Year about, we leave it to Wikipedia to explain.

Our technical support will still be available however do expect some delays in getting your replies. While most of us will be away over the weekends, we will still try to squeeze in some time to answer urgent cases only. You may also want to refer to our Forums for answers that may be able to help you.

Our Joomla extensions are still available for all to purchase in our store. You really should check out EasySocial if you already have an existing community but looking for a change.

We will resume work on Monday, February 3rd, 2014. Until then, have a great Lunar New Year.  新年快乐 Xin Nian Kuai Le!



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  1. Benoit Gonneville Damme

Good vacation to you all, you deserve it !

  1. Randall McCallum

A Lot Of Wishes And Greetings For All of You And Your Family On This Happy New Horse Chinese Year. Enjoy The Continuous Journey Of Life With Full Of Success, Happy New Year. :)

  1. Randall McCallum

May I suggest you add the ' Limited Support this Lunar New Year' to the top of the forums as a FEATURED ITEM and link to here.

  1. Richard

Enjoy the holiday guys and best wishes to all of you and your families for the New Year, if anybody deserves a break it is everyone associated with Stackideas!

  1. Olivier FRASCONE

Hi, happy lunar new year !

  1. Mark

Thanks guys!

  1. joey

the link in the email you send, go to
a little bit strange for a site like this:D

goog holiday

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  1. Alex Smirnov

Happy Lunar New Year 2014 and best wishes to you all and yours!

  1. Mark

Thank you Alex :)

  1. Alex Smirnov

You are welcome, Mark :)

  1. Andrew Rogers

Thanks all of you for the fine greeting. We're back on the mill now! ;)

  1. Benoit Gonneville Damme

Nice ! Welcome back to all of you ! Looking forward to the beta ! Good luck !

  1. Gregor

Happy NewYear!! :)

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