Komento stable released!

Komento stable released!

We took months to build it and laid it on the table for our users to get a taste of it, and now, Komento is all polished and ready to be served to all Joomla! users. Yes, today is the stable release of Komento v1.0.1558, your preferred comment extension for Joomla! 2.5.

Komento is nothing without the help of our devoted users and testers who took a pinch of their busy schedules to test drive the beta versions. We released two beta versions and you can view our blogs also containing some of Komento's cool features, in HERE and HERE.

Komento comes in two options -- Free and Paid. The Free version can be used in any websites you desire and we do not restrict access to your downloads or features of Komento. However, if you think you need professional technical support from us, you can opt for the paid version for a small fee of $39 that entitles you to unlimited support for 6 months, or choose the shorter one at 3 months for only $25.

Both free and paid versions have the same features but in free version, there is only 1 template available. The free version does not include free installation service as well.

In a nutshell, Komento is the perfect partner if you want to activate commenting in your articles done in either Joomla 2.5, K2, FlexiContent, ZOO and even for your favorite blog extension, EasyBlog 3.5.

If you have redShop or VirtueMart running in your site, Komento gives you the power to start getting comments from your shoppers.

Komento can also make your events in Ohanah more interesting and abuzz with interaction from users.

There are lots of other features in Komento too long to be listed here. Best thing to do now is to grab a copy of it and see for yourself, it's FREE!

Get Komento now at http://stackideas.com/komento.html

P/S: Joomla 1.5 compatibility is still under works and it will be provided as a maintenance release shortly.


Comments (21)

  1. Bear

WOW!! Komento is the best comment system in joomla!

  1. Mark

Thank you Bear :D

  1. Enes

Thanks for such a great extension... But if you provide import feature for Disqus, it would be great. Because there are a lot of webmasters who have disqus comments on their website and may want to switch Komento.

  1. Mark    Enes

Hello Enes,

Sure, we'll try to look at their API.

  1. Jim    Mark

Any news on the Disqus import? :(

  1. Jason Rey    Jim

Hi Jim,

As we are currently tied up with other ongoing projects as of now, we still don't have any concrete plans yet for this. We will see about possibilities of this in near future. :)

  1. Jordan Weinstein

Looks awesome guys. Except, the comment system on EasyBlog appears to still be using the native EasyBlog system. Komento works on all other components (K2, com_content). Is there something, I'm missing? Enabled on backend under Integrations.

  1. Mark

Jordan, Yep. EasyBlog 3.5 would fix this :D

  1. Jordan Weinstein

Hi Mark,

Currently using EasyBlog 3.5.11003


  1. Mark    Jordan Weinstein

Jordan, did you enable the "Komento Integrations" in the Comments > Integrations settings?

  1. Jordan Weinstein    Mark

Yes, and it works on K2 and com_content just not your own component :)

  1. Jordan Weinstein    Mark

Hi Mark,

Just to clarify, comments still show in EZB 3.5b with Komento but it seems to be the native comments of EZB.

  1. Jason Rey    Jordan Weinstein

Hi Jordan,

You will also have to enable Komento in EZB 3.5's backend settings under "Comments".

  1. Jordan Weinstein    Jordan Weinstein

Ah, I think you mean 3.5 stable?

  1. Mark

Hello Jordan,

Ah, yes. The next release of EasyBlog there's a switch that you can disable so that EasyBlog's built in comment is not used :D

  1. renejdm

Hi Guys,

This is great. But why only 3 or 6 months support? I prefer 12 month support. Can you add this?

Also, I would like to see a developer bundle (12 months) for EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, and Komento. I do not use SectionEx as my website(s) are Joomla 2.5.


  1. Mark    renejdm

Rene, Thanks for the heads up on this. Will suggest this to our Sales VP!

  1. Alex

Loving the new comment system and i will be using it on all my websites.

Will there be a premium version to remove the copyright?

  1. Mark    Alex

Yes, there is :D Check out http://stackideas.com/komento/

  1. cookieboy

What about modules like in k2 there are any? Because nobody write about them.

  1. Mark

We'll be posting a new recent comments module shortly :D

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