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Komento 3.0 Stable Release

Komento 3.0 Stable Release

Hey guys! Christmas is just around the corner and before you start your holidays, we would like to announce the availability of Komento 3.0 stable! We are really glad we are able to push this baby out before we kick start 2017. Here's a quick recap on some of the major structural changes on Komento 3.0.


Web Push Notification

With the recent hype around push notifications, we decided to integrate Komento with OneSignal, a very popular push notification service provider. This integration would allow Komento to deliver real time notification to your user's browser whenever a new comment is made on your site even without having to open your site.


Getting Rid Of Spammers

Most website these days are getting tons of spams on a daily basis and with Komento 3.0, we have taken an extensive approach in handling these spammy comments. We have enhanced the integrations with Akismet by allowing you train Akismet for false positive reports and also spam reports. Along with that, we also added Cleantalk integrations which is an antispam service provider that helps you sift through your comments.

Apart from that, Komento 3.0 now has a Spam list filter that allows you to quickly browse through incoming spams on your site.


Unified Administration

Prior to Komento 3.0, the administration interface does not look the same as the rest of our extensions. With Komento 3.0, the administration interface is now unified across all our extension. This would mean lesser learning curve for your customers and with the new sleek interface, managing comments has never been easier.

Apart from these user experience alterations, the administration area now contains more goodies including e-mail editors, theme file editors which allows you to easily customize these files.


Redesigned Themes

The theme files in Komento 3.0 are redesigned and revamped from ground up. It is now much lighter (in terms of it's size) and many redundant codes that was in Komento 2.x were removed altogether. Because we have redesigned these themes, we thought that it would make sense if we renamed these themes to avoid any conflicts with your existing overrides. These are the themes that will be available in Komento 3.0:

  • Wireframe (Will retain it's name just like the rest of our extensions)
  • Dark (Will retain it's name just like the rest of our extensions)
  • Outline (Known previously as Kuro)
  • Vortex (Known previously as Minimo)
  • Elegant (Known previously as Freso)
  • Bubbles (Known previously as Bubbo)
  • Cleo (Will retain it's name)

On a side note, both the Professional and Developer edition will now include all themes.


Performance Enhancements

Most of the feedback which we received prior to Komento 3.0 was it's performance related issues with the client side libraries (javascript). With Komento 3.0, just like the rest of our extensions, Foundry has been removed altogether. It also fires less AJAX calls to reduce the overhead of your server and most hosting companies are going to see a lower CPU consumption :)

The size of these client side libraries are also reduced tremendously! jQuery is now made optional. If your site already has jQuery loaded, there is no point rendering another set of jQuery library on the page. With that, we see a reduction of almost 40% in terms of the size of the javascript files. Speedy performance and lightweight on your site; what's not to love about Komento 3.0?


As always, we really appreciate your support!

For those who has been with us since the launch of Komento couple years back, we are so grateful for your continuous support till this day; not forgetting our awesome bug squad who has contributed into this project in one way or another. Without you, Komento might not have evolved to this very version. You can now download Komento 3.0.2 from your dashboard


And before i forget, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there!


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Is the demo website updated with this version?

The demo site isn't updated yet but our site is running on 3.0.2 now

We already use pushnotifications with ES (onesignal app), when a member comment on an item others subscribers receive push notifications based on ES notifications, with komento 3 we'll not hava conflicts or double push notifications ?

what we should do ?
Thanks guys!

It should be fine because both the app and Komento is pushing the necessary data to OneSignal. When a notification occurs, Komento and the Push app will tell OneSignal to notify the respective user accordingly

Though you need to take note that if there is integration from Komento -> EasySocial notifications it would yield double notifications.

Congratulations for the release, and thank you for the early Christmas Present!

Thanks Edward

Such looking into this!

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