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Komento 1.6 is in Store Now!

Komento 1.6 is in Store Now!

After releasing EasyDisucuss 3.1, we are now ready to release another Joomla must-have commenting tool, Komento 1.6. It聽now includes new features and plugins that can make commenting even more fun!

We have an improved version of Komento 1.6, and here are some of the highlights:

New Themes

We all know that style is nothing without substance, so we have added two brand new themes in Komento 1.6 -- Cleo and Freso. Best part is, they are RESPONSIVE too!

Cleo is available for users of either Komento Free, Komento Professional and Komento Unlimited versions.


Freso is EXCLUSIVELY available for users with Komento Professional and Komento Developers only.


Picture Perfect

You can now view images in original quality. Komento 1.6 includes a Lightbox feature that allows you to view better images without the need to resize.


User Rank Bar

Users can now be in the know of your activity status by looking at the ranking bar just below your avatar. Good way to show them how involved you are in giving comments.


Preview comments in article listing page

Komento now shows comment preview from the article in the listing page to get you up to speed on the recent comments made without going through the full comment list.


Follow This Post?

You do not need to insert any comment to be part of the discussion anymore. Just click on the subscribe email button to stay updated.


Customized Smileys

Express yourself when you place a comment, with your own customized smileys! You can now upload your own image or icon and use it as a smiley to amplify your expression.


These are just some of the new features in Komento 1.6, and there are more to explore. To know more about our full release note, click here to view our change log.

Love it? Go get yourself a copy of Kometo 1.6 today!

Renew Your License聽聽 OR 聽聽Buy Komento 1.6 Now


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this is just a test

As always, you guys (and gals) totally rock!!

Thank you guys!

I love StackIdes

Are the other/original templates still available in the 1.6 version?


Yes the original templates are still available. We've added in 2 new themes (Cleo is on both free and pro, while Freso is exclusively available in Freso)

More people on Earth should be like StackIdeas - quality delivered with style

View other comments ????


The "view other comments" is a preview comments feature.

In Komento 1.5, in article listing page, Komento only shows a bar that states the total number of comments.

In Komento 1.6, in article listing page, Komento now shows a few comments (configurable) as a preview for users to see what comments is in that article.

Upgrade installed ok in Joomla 3.1.1, looks good!

When will do you guys plan on updating the demos on the site to showcase the newest versions of your products...and specifically the feature such as being responsive, which is a big deal now a days. People should be able to see how each component looks on various screen sizes.


Yup we will update our demo page soon.

Only pity its: there is no BLACK theme for joomla template using black/ dark template


We will add a dark template in the future.

nice comment

Hi there

How can I disable this "Preview comments in article listing page" please? It just doesn't work with my setup, I want komento to stay only in the articles.

Many thanks

Just got a really quick response from Jason telling me how:


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Hello guys,
Since I last updated Komento my treaded comments don't work anymore. It is now not possible anymore to reply on a comment. I do miss it and am wondering if I overlook a new setting.
Keep up the good work, Kometo is awesome :-)

ps I got the buttons in the "general" tab on yes by -Threaded View-


Did you upgrade from version 1.0? If yes you will have to go to Komento -> Configuration -> Database and perform a database upgrade.

Upon installation of Komento 1.6, we actually does show a warning message to remind users to perform the database upgrade if users are upgrading from Komento 1.0.

If performing upgrade doesn't solve your issue, then do create a forum post in our support forums and our support team will gladly assist you with your issue.

1.5.3286 was the previous version I had. Every worked perfect in there. I will head over to the forum. Thank you for your reply!

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