J and Beyond 2012: We got two J!OSCAR nominations!

J and Beyond 2012: We got two J!OSCAR nominations!

Some shocking news for us to start the week -- we got shortlisted in the J!OSCARS!

We got nominated for 2 categories in the prestigious Joomla! Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition (J!OSCAR) in the upcoming J and Beyond event at Bad Neuheim, Germany. The J!OSCAR is like the Oscar awards on all things Joomla!, one of the highlight of this event.

Nominations were made by the Joomla community and was shortlisted by a group of international jury. The announcement got us all in high spirits when we were shortlisted in the following categories:

  1. Commercial Joomla Add-ons : EasyBlog
  2. Corporate Web Sites : Stackideas.com

We are proud that our popular blog extension for Joomla EasyBlog made it in the nomination list. What caught us by surprise was the nomination in the Corporate Web Sites that have our website listed! This is quite an achievement for us to be nominated in this category as it was totally unexpected for.

The attendees of J and Beyond will vote for the favorite picks as soon as they arrive at the event. Votes are casted and counted on the event itself. The winners will then be announced on May 19th, 2012 in a star-studded ceremony.

For this, we want to thank our fans for nominating us! We wouldn't know who to thank but let me thank ALL of you who knows us for these nominations! For the full list of nominations in other categories, check it out at the JandBeyond website.

Because of these nominations, we thought we could give back to the community with tickets to J and Beyond! Yeah, all 2 tickets for the lucky 2 persons who write in to us here in the comment section below some words of encouragement.

And when you are at J and Beyond, dont forget to vote for us on at the registration. Wish us luck! :)


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  1. Anjan

Congratulations Andrew. Very nice :)

  1. Kiril Yovev

Cograts :)

  1. Andy

Well deserved Congratulations for your nominations (and soon to be awards ;) if justice prevails)... After the countless hours, days, weeks, months of 110% dedication your whole team will increasingly start to feel the benefits of the magic you've created... You guys REALLY deserve the best accolades, rewards, executive jets, private Caribbean islands, whatever... you're sure earning it!!! (but don't stop too soon - please get on and get us another Beta version of EasyBlog 3.5 out!)

  1. Mark

Thank you for the compliments Andy :D

  1. Henning

Congrats! You won it :-)
I was nominated myself (to my surprise) with camping-linduanis.de

  1. Jack

Thank you :-)

  1. Jozsef Simony

Nomination well deserved! :)

Stackideas is currently the best J! component provider...no questions here.

  1. Mark

Thanks Jozsef!

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