Invitex, Quick2Cart and jGive integrate with EasySocial

Invitex, Quick2Cart and jGive integrate with EasySocial

EasySocial & TechJoomla Integrations for Joomla 3.x

The talented folks at TechJoomla, our Joomla extensions partner, had been very supportive on our new social networking extension EasySocial since before it was released.

Currently, they already have plugins such as Broadcast, JMailAlerts, jLike and SocialAds that were already supporting our EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento.

This time, they did it once again with three of their Joomla extensions -- Invitex, Quick2Cart and jGive, specifically supporting our brand new extension EasySocial!

I would like to briefly introduce to you their latest integrations with EasySocial:


Grow your EasySocial community with Invitex

Invitex integrates with EasySocialInvitex is great to help you notify and invite your friends to join your EasySocial network without needing to individually invite them. This integration does all the necessary work in managing your friend invitations and everything that revolves it.

Invitex has made lives easier for years and this integration with EasySocial is as stable as you could expect. Read more about Invitex


Start your business in EasySocial with Quick2Cart

Quick2Cart integration with EasySocialMonetize your community with a professional e-commerce system that works with Quick2Cart. You can easily add an online store in EasySocial, display your products and sell away. Whenever a user buys a new product, adds a product or starts his own store, it will all be notified to all members via EasySocial's activity stream.

Now every member in EasySocial can now be an entrepreneur! See what else can Quick2Cart do for you


Raise funds in your EasySocial community with jGive

jGive integrates with EasySocialThis is possible with jGive for EasySocial where your members can utilize the crowdfunding aspect of this integration to raise funds for a specific purpose. All jGive activities are pushed to the activity stream and members can view campaigns owned by other members in their own User Profile with the My Campaigns Application.

There are lots more features available at their website


So there you have it, 3 more Joomla extensions to support your online community created in Joomla. With EasySocial, you just need to build your community while we take care of the technical aspects.

Happy socializing!


Comments (7)

  1. Techjoomla

Thanks Andrew for your kind words !

Also note that Quick2Cart is multivendor.. So if you are looking at Starting a Social E commerce site with your users selling away & you making some nice cash on transaction fees, EasySocial+Quick2Cart is a formidable combination !

  1. Randl Lieb

Couldn't tell for sure, is there a way for individual vendors to set up their own payment gateways?

  1. Techjoomla

Hi, Its possible with a small customization for Paypal.. But not for other gateways yet.. Note that however Admins cant charge a fee in that case

  1. Randl Lieb

Is that customization a setting within the component itself, within paypal, or a job that Stackideas or Techjoomla must do. Not charging a fee is ok with what I want to do.

  Comment was last edited about 5 years ago by Randl Lieb Randl Lieb
  1. Techjoomla

At this point it will need a code change by us. This is supported out of the box in our JGive & JTicketing extensions.. but not in Quick2Cart yet.. You can contact us via our site for a quote for this change..

  1. Randl Lieb

I am in no hurry yet to buy this cart. Any chance of seeing this code change in the near future? It is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for all the responses!

  1. Techjoomla

Yes this will be a part of the standard release in the future.. No date yet though..

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